Tri Streams TV - THE DUCK

So let's take a look at TriStreams - The Duck! This is what everybody's talking about. LiveTV. Over 2,000 stations of high definition live TV coming into your house. We go up to our Home page, you will see LiveTV and LiveTV with a Guide. LiveTV - 2,488 channels is what we will bring you for only $29.99 a month right now. You got 2,000 stations, it's all about being organized so we have over 37 different categories. If you hop into Favorites, you'll see how we have STARZ, right by CNN and FOX News. Instead of going through 2,000 stations everyday, come into your Favorites and you can build your own custom playlist of 5, 10, 15 or 20 different stations. Coming up to here, we're gonna hop into News. This is gonna bring you your CNN, FOX News. Let's hop into FOX real fast. So here is some live television FOX News HD. We'll bring up our mini TV Guide and we'll bring it over here. Switch it to FOX Business, we can also bring it down to Bloomberg or whatever you want to watch. Coming back out to our main TV guide, here is our Entertainment section. This is going to look a lot like your basic cable. You come down here, you're going to see AMCs, A&Es, Animal Planets, Bravos, Comedy Centrals. And we'll hop into the Outdoor Channel. Once the Outdoor Channel displays, we'll bring up our mini TV guide to go through these other channels. There is DIY, e!, NatGeo, Lifetime, Hallmark, LMN, Food Network, HGTV, History Channel, TBS, Velocity, TNT, USA and the list goes on and on. Coming back to our TV guide Movie Premiums. This is going to include your HBOs, your STARZ, your SHOWTIME, your CINEMAX. Pay-Per-View movies are also included in the monthly subscription. KIDS! Our KIDS Category is going to contain just about every cartoon station that's out there.From Disneys to DisneyXDs to Boomerangs and Nickelodeons. Here is my Christian folder, if you guys need a little bit of inspiration. UK and international sports is gonna carry a lot of the boxing and other combat sports. Along with cricket and soccer and other international sports. Sports (USA&CA) - you will see we've got our ESPNs. We'll hop into ESPN, we'll bring over our TV guide so ESPN is on the top. Then we get into FOX1, FOX2. And take a look at all these FOX affiliates for college sports. Just about every region is covered. Then we get into some other networks like CSN, here's some Canadian, uhm, Canadian broadcasting, SEC Network, Longhorn Network, there is your WWE network as well. If we continue on through the list, you'll see we've got the Tennis Channel long with the Big Ten Network and the PAC-12.

Going back into our TV Guide, we'll come over to 24/7. This is gonna be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of your trending television shows. Here is 24/7 Classics - 24 hours a day of "ALF", "Bewitched!," "Leave it to Beaver," "Star Trek," "Andy Griffith," and all the other classics. 24/7 Music. 24/7 Fitness. 24/7 KIDS - can almost be your built-in babysitter. We have 24 hours a day of "PAW Patrol" for all the little ones. And then for all the husbands out there, we have the best cartoon ever made, "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe." Coming back into the guide - 24/7 Sports will cover majority of your sports replay, comedies for stand-up comedy. We have over 700 channels in Spanish. And then we'll wrap things up with the NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice and Pay-Per-Views - this will include all the pay-per-view fights from cage fightings to your Wrestlemania and boxing.