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Are You Paying Too Much for TV?!

It is time to take control of the cost of entertainment. Tri Streams offers several solutions to reduce or eliminate your Cable and Satellite Television expenses. Start streaming 1000’s of Live HD Channels, 1000’s of Movies on Demand, 1000’s of TV Shows on Demand, and all the sports you can watch. Tri Streams TV recommends only the best Live Streams providers for its members to enjoy over 1000 Live HD Channels, over 5000 on Demand Movies, over 250 TV Series, Live PPV, and sports networks.


Tri Streams members can pay as they go, month to month payment options with no long-term commitment. There are no cancellation fees and no credit checks. You own your own equipment.

Mobile TV Options – Watch 1000's Channels Anywhere

Use the power of the internet, and Tri Streams, on most mobile devices. Watch all of your favorite movies, channels, shows, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, Mixed Martial Arts, and more on most mobile devices.

1000’s of Live HD Channels

1000’s of Movies on Demand

1000’s of TV Shows of Demand

and all the sports you can watch.

Network Channels

Access local news from all the major US cities. Over 140 nationally recognized broadcasters.

Premium Channels and More

Access standard channels, premium television, and movie, channels, international channels including over 600 channels in Spanish, and videos on Demand


Sports Channels

Enjoy sports events in football, basketball, baseball, hockey, MMA, Boxing, Darts, Soccer, including college, professional, and international levels.