UFC 235 Fight Pass Preview

UFC 235 Fight Pass Preview

Fight Pass The Duck

What's The Duck: Fight Pass

Watch all your Favorite Fights with The  Duck Live Streams

There was Cable TV, then Satellite Television, and not there is Internet Television (Live Streams).  Use the power of the internet to to stream all your favorite networks, shows, sports, and fights.

The Duck is the future of TV, almost like the Anti-Cable Company.  No Installations Fees - No Setup Fees - No Cancellation fees - No Contracts.  The Duck has to earn your business. 

Get the first month of The Duck for only $19.99 - Unlock the Ultimate Fight Pass

How do I watch the Duck?

The Duck is an Live Streams service that can be accessed on most streaming devices included Fire TV and Android Devices, phones, tables, laptops and other smart devices.  If you have an internet signal, you should be able to access The Duck.  Check out our installation page or text 844-99Ducks with any questions. 

Give us a try with a 24 hour VIP Pass - Free access for 24 hours (not available on fight weekends)

What fights can I watch?

If you are a huge fight fan, The Duck will be give you full access to all your favorite fights.  Unlock regional, national, and international streams to watch all the live professional MMA, boxing, and other combat sports.

What if I have questions or issues during installation?

Shoot us a text - We pride ourselves on our customer support.  Text all questions to 844-99Ducks.

 Get the first month of The Duck for only $19.99 - Unlock the Ultimate Fight Pass

 The Duck - Ultimate Fight Pass