March Madness College Basketball Bracket

March Madness College Basketball Bracket Challenge

Watch all the games on Tri Streams The Duck

Enter the Tri Streams March Madness College Basketball Bracket.

1st Place: 7 Months of Free TV from The Duck

2nd Place: 1 Custom Sweat Shirt from Little Chicago Apparel Company

3rd Place: $20 Gift Cert from Tri Health Company

It's March Madness time and The Duck is excited to give the winner of the Tri Streams' March Madness College Basketball Bracket 7 months of free TV.  Enjoy 1000's of channels including all your favorite professional and college football, basketball, baseball, and hockey events with The Duck.

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 What's the Duck?

There was Cable TV, then Satellite Television, and now there is Internet Television (Live Streams).  Use the power of the internet to to stream all your favorite networks, shows, sports, and fights.

The Duck is the future of TV, almost like the Anti-Cable Company.  No Installations Fees - No Setup Fees - No Cancellation fees - No Contracts.  The Duck has to earn your business. 

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How do I watch the Duck?

The Duck is an Live Streams service that can be accessed on most streaming devices included Fire TV and Android Devices, phones, tables, laptops and other smart devices.  If you have an internet signal, you should be able to access The Duck.  Check out our installation page or text 844-99Ducks with any questions. 

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