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What to Watch This Weekend: Glass (2019)

Almost 20 years ago, if anyone had mentioned that M. Knight Shyamalan’s Unbreakable (2000) was going to become a trilogy I would have been thrilled and eager, yet conflicted. Glass is a perfect example of the feeling that sequels sometime summon. Unbreakable was a very refreshing take on the Superman mythos. A comic book worthy legend filtered through a lense of bleak realism and crisp cinematography, Unbreakable was phenomenal. This film, personally, was the last decent film by Shyamalan who had latched far too tightly onto the security blanket of plot-twists and surprise endings. Audiences everywhere knew to expect a twist that would make Alfred Hitchcock scoff with disdain.
Shyamalan returned to his stride in good favor with Split (2016). This movie again gave a surprise ending but not like most of us expected. After the somewhat bizarre and amazing performance by James McAvoy as Kevin, whose personalities are many but also contain a superhuman, beast-like mentality known as The Horde, we find our Clark Kent of the story, David Dunn (Bruce Willis) in a diner overhearing a patron recalling the events of Unbreakable as a similar situation. “It was Mr. Glass”...
Unbreakable and Split each have their own unique stories and now they come together in Glass. This film centers mostly on the perceived rivalry between the frail, yet ever brilliant Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) who, in Lex Luthor fashion, plans to use The Horde as an uncaged weapon and David, “The Overseer”. Tensions build from the first moment we get a peak of all three of these superhuman beings together with a mental institution serving as a looming backdrop. 
This film is not for everyone. This film does not hold up particularly well in an age that is oversaturated with comic-book inspired movies and universes. I believe Shyamalan shows that he has grown as a writer and that he has learned from his odd list of cinematic mistakes. Glass is definitely worth the watch and a must-see if you enjoyed the other two films, or just enjoy seeing where this decades-stretched story arc takes us. James Mcavoy delivers on all fronts in his performance, and Samuel L. Jackson is, well, Samuel L. Jackson. Watch Glass when you get a chance this weekend! Happy Streaming from Tri Streams- The Duck.

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