FYRE vs FYRE FRAUD Documentary Review -

FYRE vs FYRE FRAUD Documentary Review

The story of Billy McFarland

By Lauren Bates

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These short documentaries show the remarkable story of a young man, Billy McFarland, dreaming big in hopes of becoming the most successful, young mogul. Fyre Fraud gives details of exposure with those involved and how little time, money, and worry was put into the festival itself. Whereas, Fyre gives more of a grounded view of what happened as the patrons arrived. Both give you insight on how influencers on social media can make something unknown seem like the next big thing. How just one color block practically broke Instagram for a few months. You get to explore the many interviews of the marketing teams and hordes of others that ran along side this drastic dream Billy had.

As you watch these eye-opening documentaries on the story of Fyre Festival you realize as they attendees arrive to the island they are going to experience what they originally had in mind. As the film continues you see Billy and his whole team are in-to deep, way over their heads with deadlines that are so obviously not going to be met. Everyone involved in both films; workers, attendees, artists, production....knew something was off the whole time, but little did they know it would turn into one of the largest let downs this century. Remember to keep an open mind to both sides of the story. You'll see "When it rains, it pours" come to live right before you eyes. Some people say Billy is delusional. Others say he is a dreamer. Either way you look at it, these two documentaries are worth a watch.

I want to hear what you think about this crazy fiasco, let's talk about that! Thanks for clicking on. Happy Streaming!

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  • Paul

    Team Netflix all the way on this one.

    Watch Hulu first… it is ok enough to keep you into it… then watch the Netflix doc….

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