Drowning Duck Review: Avengers: End Game

        My name's Braxton, and today we'll be discussing the newest, and unfortunately, the last Avengers saga addition. I'm going to do my best not to spoil anything, as there are some major plot twists involved in this extremely complex experience. Let me begin by saying I love, and have been invested in the Avengers since the beginning, so this cinema was extremely disheartening simply knowing it's our super-powered friends last adventure together.

        As a bit of a recap let's go back to Infinity War. Thanos has brought the world to it's knees, our beloved heroes defeated, some of which vanishing into ash, seem hopeless. With Thanos now disappeared, they have no idea where to go, or what to do. Their friends gone, family ash, and spirit crushed, they themselves fade away into a feeling of nothingness. With the early scenes seeming so desperate, dark, and gloomy, it leaves us wondering, will life ever be the same in the MCU? As always, our heroes get a lead and pursue it. Thinking, "YES, this is where things get good!" is a twist within itself. While, yes, something major happens, it ultimately only causes more despair and chaos among the lives of our Heroes.  

        Just as soon as we give up hope for the traditional action-packed indulgence we've so commonly come to expect, there's another turn; everything seems to be moving smoothly. No hangups, surprise enemies, or even complications, until it hits. No-one realized the sacrifice or danger they were truly in. Even after every Marvel Movie, I don't think anyone expected this turn-table of events. A battle against themselves, for the future of their past. This is where our level of prediction on what happens next is truly tested. I don't wish to ruin or spoil the story line so I'll leave this area alone for a later discussion.

        Towards the end, we realize just how attached to these characters we really are. Losing a whole group was devastating in Infinity War, but the thought of losing just this one single character seemed a million times worse somehow. As if accepting this character's fate wasn't bad enough, the ending is genuinely upsetting. It's almost like perhaps MCU wanted to test OUR resilience with this one. An ending fit for the person you dislike the most in life. No closure, more questions, and perhaps the most unsatisfying explanation to both of those issues. 

        Overall, this film was one of the most intense movie experiences yet, even though it left the majority of it's audience unsettled, and unsatisfied. This movie can definitely swim on it's own, but left us drowning in questions and grievances. How did you feel about the movie? Let me know down below, I'd love to discuss it with you! Happy Streaming!   

Rate: SWIM


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  • Michelle Fry

    Well said Braxton! There was still a bit of humor but it definitely left so many in tears!

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