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This week we're watching one my personal favorite series, Rick & Morty! Now, the new season has been released for about 4 weeks now, but it's still a great topic, as this is only part one of Season 4! As some of you may not be familiar or caught up, I won't spoil to many plot points but we will cover a quick recap. In the last episode of Season 3 we say our favorite characters face off against none other than the President himself, leading to the bizarre ending that showed Rick posing as "Fisherman Rick," to stop the Chicken Fight. In Season 4 we never know what came about after those crazy events, but it seems as if everything is back to normal. The first episode doesn't seem to tie into the third season in any way at all, and perhaps that's because of it's strategic continuity, or perhaps the writers have something else planned later on. Either way, the show has been an enjoyable watch overall and continues to be a fan favorite, me included! If you haven't checked it out I definitely suggest giving it a binge! Happy Streaming!


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