Today we'll be discussing my favorite topic, what to watch this week! I'm extremely excited about this particular article, because one of my favorite shows, The Blacklist, has been granted the green light for Season 7! This show is perhaps one of the most complex, detail oriented, plot twisting mind blower I've ever witnessed. The reason I chose this show to focus on is due to their average releasing schedule. The past 6 seasons have all followed a similar suit, releasing in January, meaning you have plenty of time to catch up (if you start now). I've always been a fan of crime shows such as Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc., but Blacklist adds an element of surprise in every single episode. Literally. The shows ability to captivate my attention to the point that I'm thrilled for a 7th season, says a lot. I hate redundancy, and luckily it's not even slightly so. My only concern will be can they hold the steady course of great plot lines, smooth characterization, and dark, always changing undertones without jumbling everything together, causing a mess they can't back out of. Up to this point, everything seems to have tied together beautifully, creating a serene conclusion after so much chaos, hopefully the chaos continues in a similar fashion to the previous episodes. I'm looking forward to Season 7, and hope my giddiness is placed rightfully so! What do you think? Will it sink or swim? Let me know down below, I'd love to hear some other opinions/theories about what will take place! HAPPY STREAMING!


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