The Duck Pro / XC Combo

 The Duck Pro / XC Combo

Get the best of the Duck Pro and the Duck XC with when you combine the membership.  

$49.99 - 2 Devices Duck Pro / 2 Devices Duck XC (4 Total Devices)

$74.99 - 4 Devices Duck Pro / 4 Devices Duck XC (Use the 4 Stream Split Stream)

Please download the Duck Pro and Duck XC using filelinked code: 26205072 -  Please text 844-99Ducks with any questions.

Pro + XC 2 Devices


Pro + XC 2 Devices Auto Pay


Pro + XC 4 Devices


Pro + XC 4 Devices Auto pay




Get access to The Duck Pro and XC servers and enjoy hosting from on of the most reliable providers. 

Please use the following link to download the new Duck XC
Filelink Code: 26205072
Please make the the transfer payment below.  Once payment is received a new user name and password will be emailed to you.
Thanks again and Happy Streaming


  • Phillip Cox

    I like the duck pro but hate the new 2020 that they have don’t get half my channels I really wish the could get the xc back thinking of going back to regular cable

  • herb gann

    i too have a buffering problem, i have done everything it says to stop buffering, my internet speed is 200 mbs. this is a duck problem but they do nothing to help it. i love the duck but it needs help

  • jerry thigpen

    Support is a must for the ducks, they do not explain how to operator the ducks at all. I have have to support agents to hang up on me while trying to get help..So why do I stay with them, I just don’t know.

  • Dawn Duschl

    We already have the Pro but have been having lots of buffering issues, well after having our WiFi checked out 5 times, we’ve come to a conclusion that it is the Fire Stick we got from you. There’s no other solution. We’ve had everything possible looked at. What can we do about this? I see no help page on your site at all.

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