Hosting Devices

TriStreams The Duck Pro and Duck XC Combo

Hosting Devices

1 Month of hosting service is included with all hosting devices.  Please text 844-99Ducks with any questions. 

Hosting Device 2nd Gen


 Hosting Device 4K Upgrade



  • John Edens

    Why will you not return my phone call? I am beginning to wonder about your customer support and if it is worth switching to you. Please call me at 423-483-4279 so I can get a few answers to some questions I have about your service.

  • GR

    If I already have a second generation Fire Stick do I still need to buy a streaming device to use this service?

  • Baxton

    Hey there everyone! We appreciate all the feedback, but for any questions regarding billing, or internet lag issues, please contact our customer service support line at: 844-993-8257. Have a great day, and Happy Streaming!

  • Frank

    Were do I go to make a payment?

  • Chanda Nave

    I called to make a payment and to choose option 3 for bill pay. I waited and a mans voice came on and said please continue to hold for next available rep and then a beep…apparently it was to leave a voice mail. Im confused. Its sunday and I forgot to pay our service.. Who do I need to get in contact with to make a payment. I cant go to the local store. You definitely need auto pay or somehting…What can I do? I need the service tonight my shows about to come on lol

  • Deborah

    It would be nice that it would work. It has pauses and lapses in time during the football games.
    It pulled my payment out twice . I dont know hard to recommend some thing that seems to have problems

  • Kendell Pitts

    I was trying to make a payment online where do I need to go pay at

  • John

    I am interested in selling tri stream in the Washington State area.
    could you send me information oh how to get a franchise

  • William Smallwood

    I’d like to sell your tv service in KY????

  • Aaron Norman

    Hello i had forot my username and password

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