What To Watch

                                                          Narcos: Mexico

    This week's pick is a bit of an older show, but it's because a second season has officially been confirmed! I'll do my best to keep spoilers out of this article as well as I can, but I will be discussing some plot lines. First off, let me just say I'm extremely excited for this series to continue for multiple reasons. One of the obvious reasons is because it's a phenomenal show that captivates the lavish, rough, criminal lifestyle of several infamous drug lords and the corrupt political agendas that allowed them to operate so successfully. Another reason is the historical accuracy of the show. Yes, of course screenwriters will romanticize a good bit, but the characters and their portrayal, in my opinion, accurately capture both the means, and demeanor used to create and operate an organization so successful, morbidly violent, and blatantly evil.

       I'm not entirely sure what the second season will entail, but what I do know is that it's bound to be an insane ride through the lives of the members of one of the world's most dangerous cartels to ever exist. If you haven't started the series this is one of my personal top picks, not only for the week, but overall! If you're already invested in it, don't miss the new season, come give us a visit and stream all the Narcos you can handle! Happy Streaming!   


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