How to Keep Buffering at a Minimum

How to Keep Buffering at a Minimum

By Lauren Bates

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Are you buffering during your favorite movie? Do you notice the page loading more often after a long binge-watching session? Here are a few tips on how to minimize the buffering and keep your streaming happily.
With anything that streams from the internet you have to sort of look at it like a website, if you don't refresh the page the proper content will not load. Let;s get into how to fix it.  First, you need to figure out your Wi-Fi speed. For Tri Streams to run properly we need AT LEAST  12-15 mbps. Here's how to find that speed. 

1. On any mobile device or computer that is on the same internet connection, simply go to google and type on "internet speed test" 
2. Run test. Your results should show within 15 seconds. 
3. Read the results. You will have a download and an upload speed. We are only looking for the download to be higher than 12-15mbps. If it's any lower you should contact your provider and ask about a boost. 

If your internet speed is faster than 12-15mbps and you are still experiencing some buffering, try clearing the cache. You can use this to not only clear and relaunch Tri Streams but also for our VOD apps as well. Simply follow these instructions and repeat daily for quality streaming. 

1. Press the home button to get back to the main page. 
2. Click to the right so you'll see the "Settings" option
3. Go to "Applications" under the "Settings"
4. Click down to "Manage Installed Applications"
5. Go to the desired app and "Clear Cache" 

Completing this task daily or when buffering occurs can will help the longevity of your device. Another helpful tip to keep your device in top shape would be; When you are not using your device but do not want to power down the television, simply long press the "home" button until a small menu pops up. From there, click on the moon that reads "Sleep" and your device will power down. Doing this will prevent your device from overheating or running the core system down. 

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps. 


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